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RAD 4.0 Robot

RAD 4.0 Robot


*Offer applies to the $59.99 purchase option only!

You control the new giant R.A.D. 4.0 Robot by radio control or you can control him by Voice Command!

Traveling at low or high speed, R.A.D. 4.0 moves forward, backward and spins 360 degrees allowing him to go wherever you want him to.

Features light-up eyes that express "emotion" and digital sound FX and voice with a vocabulary of over 500 words! Plus, R.A.D. 4.0 is articulated at the shoulder joints allowing his arms to move and his padded hands hold things as large as a 12 ounce can!

R.A.D. 4.0 also fires safe foam missiles from his cannon. There's no need to program R.A.D. 4.0 - it responds to anyone's voice, performing over 50 different actions. R.A.D. 4.0 has pre-programmed tricks and moves - and he can function as a room guard.

Remote control fits easily in RAD. 4.0's head. Robot measures about 19 inches tall.

Total Shipping Only $5.00 In USA ! No limit on Quantity Per Order!

Price -39.99 Item in Stock

press R.A.D. 4.0 Robot New in Box-SKU 586-
out of stock
price: $59.99
press RAD 4.0 Defensive Foam Missiles plus instructions-SKU 587-
out of stock
price: $6.99
press RAD ROBOT 6V Battery-SKU 588-
out of stock
price: $9.99
press RAD Robot 6v. Charger with Battery-SKU 589-
out of stock
price: $19.99
press RAD 4.0 Remote Control Unit-SKU 590-
in stock
price: $24.99
press RAD Robot 4.0 Left Arm Assembly-SKU 591-
in stock
price: $12.50
press RAD Robot 4.0 right Arm Assembly-SKU 592-
in stock
price: $12.50
press R.A.D. 4.0 Robot New in Box With Battery and Charger-SKU 593-
out of stock
price: $39.99