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Game Part Game Find Travis

Game Part Game Find Travis

This weeks Game Part Game
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Help Me Get This Song to Randy Travis

Click here to hear a mp3 clip of Heavens Lost and Found
Click here to hear a Real Player clip of Heavens Lost and Found
Click here to hear a mp3 clip of Power of Prayer
Click here to hear a Real Player clip of Power of Prayer
Win any Game!! 

All he has to do is mention you-- and that he has heard the song. Once he hears them, I hope he'll think it sounds like a song he would like to do. The rest is up to me--and the game is yours!

This is sort of a game itself: Only this time, I'm hoping  YOU can supply the missing piece.

The Epic begins here: I wrote two songs for RT. They were written just for him and I am eager for him to listen to them. If he doesn't want to record them--that's okay. I'm confident, however, that they are right  for him. 

I know, admire, and respect his work and have tailored
these songs specifically for him.

The songs are left intentionally rough because a good artist can feel a good song without Nashville studio pickers. The other reason they are a little rough is that  large sessions come at a large price: you would almost have to be Travis himself to afford them.

I have followed and mirrored RT's career. Up until 1996, I think I'd sang more of his Songs than  Travis had. 

I did his songs 6-7 nights a week . After he moved on from "On the Other Hand" I was still singing it twice a night. I opened and closed with "Send My Body Home on A Freight Train."

In the summer I did "doubles" ( that's playing two places in one day for you non- music folks) and there was yet more Randy. "Forever and Ever Amen," "No Place Like Home,"  "1982," "Is It Still Over?" and all of the rest of his amazing songs.

In 1996, my country music career took a remarkable turn. A couple of nice, attractive women came into a bar where I was playing--an nice supper club in Destin Fla. I had probably just finished a Randy Travis song when I sat down to talk with them (always wanting to be a gentleman with nice ladies). They were Gospel singers. I told them I admired them and they instantly asked if they could  "Pray for Me." Being ever the good Southern Baptist I said "Sure!"  They said they ³felt led to do this" and (to my surprise) they prayed I would stop working at bars.

Well...You know how sometimes people are in very good with the Lord? They must have been, because the next thing I know...BANG! They prayed me right out of singing at the supper club and that lifestyle. I am still amazed and grateful.

So, here I am in the internet business looking for...okay... everybody  together now... "RANDY TRAVIS."

Here's the funny part: ready? I'm only half-joking here. Now get this....Randy has an estate in Hawaii... I lived in Hawaii! Sure I was in the USMC, I wasn't there by choice but still, I was there! Okay, now what about this? Randy's vacation home is in Lahaina. Well, hold on to your weird feelings, my home was on Lahaina also. Sure, it was in Fla. and it was the name of a street, but still... there is something going on here!

Unlike RT, I was never a great singer. I am a good song writer. I have written two songs good enough to show up on big name labels. Nowadays I have a good friend, pretty near a music genius, who is the inspiration that keeps me going. He doesn't really think I will find anyone this way but I have nothing to lose--and it would be a riot to prove to him that
people are generous enough to take on such a quest.

In case you¹re wondering, I'm confessing my life story here.

About 10.000 people come to this site a month and I am hopeful that someday someone who knows how to reach him will get in touch. They will tell him that the "Game Guy"--a former professional musician and devoted fan--has a song on the internet written specifically for him. he will then Click on "Heavens Lost and Found" and "Power Of Prayer" and make up his own mind. 

If you decide you want to buy the tracks I describe with me singing you will get a full package-deal. Professional pickers and I will be on key on the copy you get. I promise! And it will sound a lot like Randy Travis. It won't be him though, unless someone can put us in touch. 

Price -10.00 USD